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Specialist Jewellery Repair & alteration service By Victoria James Jewellers.

At Victoria James Jewellers we carry out all the repairs in house in our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter workshop. We have over 40 years experience in Jewellery repairs.
Whether you need to replace a missing stone, re-tip some claws, resize a ring or just need a polish and rhodium plate or a check over to make sure the gemstones are secure then we can help.
We can undertake complete jewellery or ring alterations. So, if you want to use the diamonds or gemstones from your old or inherited jewellery we can work with you to design your new items to incorporate them and it's all done here in our Jewellery Quarter workshop.
Finding a jeweller that you can trust is a bit like finding a good mechanic, trusting them to only carry out work that needs doing and giving a fair price for that work.
In some ways, you need to trust your jeweller more because your items of jewellery may be family heirlooms, the craftsmen working on the item need the experience to know how to treat very delicate, potentially old pieces of jewellery.
Sometimes, the cost of the repair outweighs the value of the item. We can inform you of this and it will be up to you to decide whether you think it is worth repairing or not. Quite often, the sentimental attachment customers have to their items of jewellery outweigh any cost involved in repairing it.
We can understand this and we quite often repair rings and jewellery items back to their original state. We recently had a gentleman customer who had his father’s signet ring and wedding band. They had both worn thin over the years and he wanted to restore them back to as near possible a wearable condition. We added a sleeve of gold on the inside of both rings so that he could wear them again.
Quite often, we are just asked to check things over and to advise if anything needs doing. The most common repair or alterations we do is resizing rings and re-tipping claws. When we carry out these and most other repairs we will also polish your item and re-rhodium plate if necessary as part of the price quoted
We pride ourselves on our reputation, we have excellent reviews online (Google ‘jewellery repairs Birmingham’) and customers come and see us for their jewellery repairs and often end up being long term customers, trusting us with their jewellery repairs, alterations and for new jewellery purchases.
You can book an appointment on our website and you can come in for your no obligation quote. (That sounds terribly salesman-ish but we’re really not like that.) There is no pressure, we offer free quotes and we can write it down for you, you can take it away and think about it, there is no commitment until you tell us you would like to go ahead. Then, You can pay for the repair costs upfront or we require a minimum of 50% deposit. Sometimes, customers need to replace missing stones and need a written quote to supply to their insurance company in order to make a claim.
Can’t get to us? Well you can send us your items by Royal Mail special delivery so they are tracked and insured for their value (send us an email to tell us its on its way) or you can send us some pictures to begin with, we can’t promise to be able to give you a price that way but if we can, we will give you an idea from what we can see. But the thing is with jewellery, it’s so small that we really need to see the items in order to give a firm quote and to not miss anything that potentially needs doing.
So, go and gather those items of jewellery that you’ve been meaning to get repaired, so you can wear them again or that special inherited piece that might need a bit of TLC and book an appointment.

Please see our ‘Jewellery repairs and alterations’ page for more information and to book a repair based appointment.

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