Published by Mat @Victoria James on Saturday, May 20, 2017

Art deco has always been a passion of mine. From the days when I used to flick through the art deco themed books in the library as a boy.

To buying 1930’s houses and decorating them in Art deco styles. Well, the wallpaper at least.

I love the simple lines of art deco with it’s symmetrical composition as oppose to the more organic style of it’s predecessor- art nouveau.

It seemed like a natural progression for me to incorporate my love of art deco design in to the rings and jewellery that I make.

You can see our art deco style diamond rings here.

After making our first art deco style ring we have developed the range to include diamonds, sapphires, ruby and emerald rings, pendants and earrings.

You can see our range of art deco gemstone rings here.

You can see our collection of art deco style jewellery here.

Art deco styles obviously influenced jewellery makers in the 1920’s and 1930’s but those styles are now seen as classics of jewellery design.

The big jewellery houses like Cartier and Tiffanys developed their signature styles in this period and many of them are still popular today.

Many of the designs that are referred to as ‘vintage’ today have origins in the art deco period.

The art deco period did not just influence ring and jewellery design, it also influenced the type of gems used and the way they were cut.

Aquamarine was a very popular stone due to it’s pale blue appearance.

The ‘step cut’ was also very popular along with more square or octagon shapes.

Baguette and emerald cut diamonds lend themselves to the art deco style very well due to the long, straight edges and the step cut feel.

The diamond that just screams art deco is the Asscher cut (or square modified emerald cut) as the square shape of the stone and the step cuts result in a kaleidoscope effect where the straight cut lines all meet in the centre.

You can see some Asscher cut diamonds here.

We will continue to produce Art deco rings and jewellery. However, we love to be asked to produce rings for customers who bring us their favourite designs or a combination of a few styles.

So, if you have seen a design you like then bring it to us, we would be happy to make it for you.