At Victoria James we can achieve almost anything you want in terms of design. That special diamond or Ruby ring you’ve always wanted is easily achievable.

You can choose what stones are used; Diamond,  Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. You decide if you have diamonds, where they are mounted, how they are mounted and of course you can decide what metal you use; 18ct white, yellow or red Gold or Platinum.

You can browse our website for ideas. Remember, we make all the rings, pendants and earrings that you can see on our website, we do not buy or order them in from another company, nor do we have someone else make them. We make them, from start to finish. It may be that we already make something similar to your ideas or we can take elements from them to create your bespoke version.

You can email us your ideas or you can book an appointment to come and see us to talk about what you would like, booking an appointment will enable us to make sure we have things ready for you, so that particular shape and quality of diamond or Ruby you are looking for is ready to view when you arrive.

Expert Computer Aided Design services

We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) techniques to make alot of our bespoke creations. We can convert your ideas for your ring, earrings or pendant in to 3D digital format images that we can both view and make slight changes to before we proceed to making the finished item of jewellery.

So, what is the process of commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery? I hear you ask. Well, after the initial emails or meetings where you have given us your ideas and sketches and you have decided what diamonds or gemstones you would like included (We can arrange for you to come and look at a selection of different sizes, shapes and qualities before you make your decision) we should be able to give you an idea of how much it would cost.

Often, we can create what people are looking for from components that we already make, bringing them together for a new combination or we can hand make components or even the whole thing if that is what is needed.

If Computer Aided Design is required to produce your item of jewellery, we would require a deposit of £100 to produce the CAD images, this is non refundable. However, if you proceed with the commission then this would be deducted off the final price of the order.

We would normally quote approximately six to eight weeks to produce a bespoke item.

You will then be able to cherish wearing something that you have had created to your own bespoke specification.

If you you would like to ask us a question or make an appointment regarding a bespoke item of jewellery then, please email us, use the 'Contact us' or 'Book a consultation' buttons below.

Please note; The CAD deposit to produce the computer drawings of the jewellery is not a deposit for making the jewellery, a further payment will need to be taken in order to hold the price quoted and to start the making process. If prices of materials have changed in the period between being quoted and the customer making a further payment to have the item made then we reserve the right to re-quote to reflect those changes. Once a payment has been taken, the price is fixed for that order.

We only produce bespoke or custom jewellery that is made up of high quality precious metals & gemstones. We do not make silver, gold plated jewellery or use any synthetic stones.