As part of guarding your jewellery against loss, theft or damage you may want to insure your jewellery items.

To do this you will need a valuation, an appraisal of what your items are worth and what an insurance company should be aiming to pay in the event of a loss, theft or damage related incident.

Our valuation for insurance service consists of a full description of the piece, including style, metals used, hallmarks. The name, shape and amount of any stones used, (approximate grade and weights of stones may be appropriate if we cannot weigh or have the details of the stones) photographs of the items and of course a high street retail value based on today’s market.

We will email the valuation document to you so that you can keep it in a digital file format. However, we can also print a copy for you. Please let us know if you would prefer a printed version.

We will keep a record on our database should you wish to update the value of your Jewellery items. (Your insurance company may request periodic updates) We recommend that you do this every few years or when you change address, as an address that does not match, may void any policy you have. (We do not charge a fee for simply changing the address on your document)

The cost for assessing items of jewellery for a valuation for insurance or for probate is £65 and a further £60 for each additional item.

You will need to leave the items with us for approximately 7 working days.

If you would prefer not to leave your items of jewellery with us while we asses them, we also provide an express service for customers that would like to have their items assessed during their appointment.

The cost for the express service is £95 for the first item and £85 for each additional item, we then forward the document to you within 5 days.  (maximum 2 items for Saturday appointments)

Please note; Independant Gemstone and Diamond verification reports may be needed at an extra cost, this is assessed on a case by case basis. For example; We may need to confirm with a gemologist that, for instance the 'Ruby' is genuine or if it has had treatments, before we can appraise it's value. We will inform you of this if needed before we carry out any assessment.

The cost to update items already on our database is from £40 for the first item and £35 for each additional item. There is no charge for updating address details.

We also offer a 'Verbal only' valuation service. This is where we assess the item of jewellery in the same way, but we do not produce a document and just verbally state it's replacement value. This service costs £35.

You will need to make an appointment for all of the above services.

More complicated items may cost more,(eg; multi stone items) we will confirm any adjustments to price during the appointment. All prices include VAT.