Specialist Jewellery insurance with TH March

Please note; We do NOT offer insurance policies for your jewellery.

You will need to visit: www.thmarch.co.uk 

You can then use this reference number: AH127T to enter on the T.H March website along with the value and your address details.

If you require a valuation document for your jewellery in order to get it insured then please see our valuations page on how to get your jewellery valued by us.


One of the most important purchases in your life time will be diamond jewellery. Therefore it should be appropriately insured.

Why should I get my Jewellery Insured?

You can never predict what will happen. Your jewellery could be stolen or accidently damaged through no fault of your own. This is why it is so important to make sure your jewellery is fully insured just in case.

It is a common misconception that diamonds, metals and gemstones cannot break. Don’t forget that to shape a diamond from the rough, a gem cutter can ‘cleave’ it by giving it a sharp blow in the right direction, so equally, a hard knock or continuously applied pressure can split, crack or shatter a diamond or gemstone. Precious metal jewellery can be hardwearing or delicate, depending on the design, but even a thick platinum wedding band can break or bend if you apply enough pressure in the right place. We recommend jewellery insurance to cover you for these circumstances.

Who should I insure my jewellery with?

We have partnered with T.H March, the top jewellery insurance company in the country. By insuring your jewellery with T.H March you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest without worrying. T.H March will insure your jewellery against any loss, theft or accidental damage.

How do I go about getting my jewellery insured?

Firstly, you will need a valuation for insurance which describes and itemizes your jewellery.

Please see our valuations page on how to get your jewellery valued. We will normally supply you with a valuation for insurance free of charge for items purchased from us for over £1000 as this is usually the value that insurers require a valuation.

You can then use this reference number: AH127T to enter on the T.H March website along with the value and your address details.

They will then provide you with a quote to insure your items.

Here are some key points about why you should insure your jewellery with T.H March:

  • 125 years’ worth of experience as the U.K's foremost authority on jewellery insurance

  • You will be allowed to select a jeweller of your choosing

  • They are a member of the Chartered Firm of Insurance Brokers

  • Professional personalised service

  • Policies tailored to your needs

For any more information visit: www.thmarch.co.uk

Jewellery Insurance from T.H. March